Second Copy

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Second Copy Copy برنامج مساندة يقوم بنسخ ملفات من مكان الى آخر في نفس القرص, في قرص مختلف أو عبر الشبكة تجري عملية النسخ بناء على جدول زمني كما تقوم بتعقب ملفات اصلية لتغييرها او الاضافة اليها ومن ثم ترسل الملفات الى موقعها الملائم كما باستطاعتكم كذلك استخدام البرنامج لضبط تزامن ملفات بين الـ Disk Top والحاسب المتنقل او ما بين مواقع بعيدة.

Second Copy
Second Copy is the latest upgrade to our award winning product Second Copy 2000

Second Copy is the latest upgrade to our award winning product Second Copy 2000 Designed for Windows it offers even easier and more powerful ways of making backups of your important files and folders

Second Copy arranges your backup needs in sets of "profiles" Each profile is a set of file and folder specifications which tells Second Copy what you want to be copied to where and when Once configured Second Copy monitors the "source" folders for changes or updates and copies new or changed files to the "destination" This process is done unobtrusively in the background

Second Copy includes an easy to use profile wizard that guides you through the setup process The setup process is separated into Express and
Custom modes In Express mode you answer three simple questions (what where and when) about the files to be backed upSecond Copy is a program that backup and restore your data

Advanced users can use the Custom setup option to define specific files to be included in or excluded from the copy They can also choose how the files are to be copied eg compression synchronization etc

The compression option also offers up to 256-bit AES Encryption Files can be copied using FTP Second Copy can send an e-mail notification after running the backup

Second Copy is a full 32-bit multi-threaded program which lets you tailor the performance by controlling the priority of the background processes

Here are some key features of "Second Copy":

New Windows XP style user interface Two-way Synchronization
Up to 256-bit AES encryption Automatic detection/deletion during synchronization
FTP support Run profiles at Windows shutdown
Enhanced compression Automatic scheduled copies
E-mail notification Multi-threaded background processing
Run as a service Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support
Preview profile activity before running Password protect profiles
Run profile when files change Archival of up to 25 old versions
Disk spanning Support for hardware profiles

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