Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update - 4 September 2007

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update - 4 September 2007أخر تحديث لبرنامج Kaspersky Anti-Virus تاريخ تحديث 4 September 2007 بهذا الملف اكتشف واحذف احدث الفيروسات بحاسوبك .

Kaspersky AntiVirus Update description
Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus Updates Sets of threat signatures and databases of network attacks

This is a special update application to install the latest virus databases and various fixes to AntiViral Toolkit Pro for Windows 95/98/NT version 30129 and above

Use this if you already have AntiViral Toolkit Pro installed

The standard antivirus databases currently contain 378740 records

It is essential to update antivirus databases on a regular basis If you do not do this your antivirus program will not detect new malicious programs This is why we release updates every hour to ensure that users are protected against the latest malware

Antivirus solutions from Kaspersky Lab not only detect malicious software but other programs which are potentially harmful such as

Remote administration programs
Utilities which can be used by malicious programs or users

Zip-archives should be unpacked
into a separate directory which should then be indicated in the automatic update module as a local folder

Daily contains all updates and modifications released during the current week The current week starts from the previous Friday when the last weekly update was released It is placed on the update server every hour You should download dailyzip if you update your antivirus databases at least once a week

Previous week's updates contains all updates and modifications released during the previous week (a full version of the week's dailyzip) It is placed on the server once a week on Friday When this file is placed on the server it will cause the size of dailyzip to be equal to zero You should download this file if you update your antivirus databases less than once a week but more often than once every two weeks

Complete update contains all the updates and modifications released at the time of the previous week's update This is placed on the sever at the same time as the new weeklyzip You should download this file if you have not updated your antivirus databases in the last two weeks

NOTE After the archives have been downloaded unpack them to a separate folder on a disc If you have downloaded several archives unpack them in the following order first unpack av-i386-cumulzip then av-i386-weeklyzip and the last av-i386-dailyzip Unpacking click Yes when you are suggested to replace files with the same name

After the archives have been unpacked launch automatic update of the anti-virus database As an update source define folder with the unpacked archives in the anti-virus database update task

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