CryptoExpert 2007 Professional 7.1.0

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CryptoExpert 2007 Professional 7.1.0 CryptoExpert برنامج حماية يقوم بتشفير ملفاتك الخاصة .. ويتميز بتقنية فريدة من نوعها .. حيث يقوم بإنشاء تجزئة وهمية ويقوم بنقل جميع الملفات المشفرة إليها .. بحيث لا يستطيع أحد الدخول إليها إلا عند تشغيل البرنامج .. ويجب عليك إقفال البرنامج بكلمة سر بحيث لا يستطيع أحد تشغيلها غيرك يعمل مع Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista

CryptoExpert Professional
The military grade on the fly transparent encryption and using virtual hard drives

CryptoExpert is a software which will make transparent encryption using virtual hard drives

CryptoExpert uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data Your files are stored in the encrypted form on virtual hard drive with password authentication but when it is requested by any application it gets decrypted on-the-fly

Conversely unencrypted data to be stored is encrypted instantaneously and then stored

The CryptoExpert system mounts a volume file to create a virtual drive that appears to applications and users like any other physical drive

Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted by CryptoExpert encrypted and written to the volume file

Attempts to read from this volume are also intercepted and the relevant data is read by CryptoExpert from the volume file decrypted and presented to the application trying to read the data

Dismounting the CryptoExpert virtual drive ensures that data cannot be read from or written to it All data is stored encrypted within the container As far as windows is concerned there is a 'new' disk that has suddenly appeared

When the program exists or the volume is unmounted the file system stays encrypted and there is absolutely no way anyone can recover/get the data without the pass phrase

Complete support for command line Support for USB Flash Drives to mount containers without passwords

Here are some key features of CryptoExpert Professional

Access to your files on virtual volume on the fly
Mapping any free drive letter like G F K for virtual volume
Requires password authentication before the files become accessible
Works with all Windows application - even DOS applications
Really Fast
Looks like normal hard drive
Several volumes may be mounted at the same time
Encrypted volumes can be backed up to tape CD etc
Command line interface supports silent program execution volume mount/dismount
No need to encrypt/decrypt files The encryption is transparent
Using optimized 32 bit drivers (works under WinNT/2000/XP only)
Many encrypted containers can be placed on single hard drive and mounted/dismounted on demand
Supports Blowfish Rijndael DES and Triple DES encryption
Ability to unmount volumes after specified time of user inactivity (to prevent unauthorized access to important files)
Ability to unmount all volumes instantly on pressing specified 'hot' key
Windows XP/2000 Hibernate function support


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