Ashampoo WinOptimizer v4.41

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer v4.41Ashampoo WinOptimizer في آخر اصدار له تابع للسلسه الخارقه لهذا البرنامج الذي يعتمد عليه الملايين منذ سنوات وهذا ليس كلامي أنه كلام الشركه ويقيم أفضل التقيمات منذ بدايته لسهولته وأمكنياته الرهيبة أنه عملاق الصيانة بأصدارته الجديدة يقوم بأستعمال هاذا البرنامج نحو مليون شخص نحو العالم برنامج متميز للصيانة وتخلص نهائياً من مشاكل الحاسوب يحاول قدر الأمكان تقليل مشاكل حاسوب وتنظيف القرص الصلب من الملفات الغير الظرورية التي تتكدس في نظام ويندوز وقد تسبب لك الكثير من مشاكل المستعصية. هاذا البرنامج فاز بكثير من جوائز المهمة في مجال صيانة حاسوب له الكثير من ممـيزات للـصـيانة الـحـاسوب ومـن هـذه المـميزات الجديدة ترتيب القرص الصـلب المتبعثر وتقليل مشـاكله نـهائياً حـصول علـى أداء حاسـوبك بكل تفصيل أيقاف النوافذ الغير الظرورية التي تسبب في أطباء اقلاع نظام ويندوز وتأخذ مساحة كبير جداً من الذاكرة ميموري وتخلص من جميع مشاكل سجل نظام رجستري ويقوم بتسريع نظام ويندوز ونوافذه

3 New Modules and Full Windows Vista™ Compatibility
In addition to older versions of Windows® the new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4

is fully compatible with Windows Vista™ in both the 32 and 64 bit versions This means that you can start maintaining your slick new Windows Vista™ system right away it won't even have a chance to get clogged down with new garbage!

But that's not all Once again Ashampoo has managed to produce a radically better and more useful program without compromising their famous ease of use In addition to Windows Vista™ compatibility WinOptimizer 4 also comes with three new modules a brandnew hard disk defragmenter a huge number of new system tweaking options and many other improvements and enhancements

What is Ashampoo WinOptimizer?
Ashampoo WinOptimizer is an easytouse suite of tools for maintaining and optimizing your Microsoft Windows® computer It keeps your Windows® installation free of unnecessary garbage and running smoothly while other computers just get slower and slower

Ashampoo WinOptimizer includes all the following functions

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Oneclick OptimizationThis is the most popular function in the entire program Just click and let Ashampoo WinOptimizer clean up and optimize your system for you You don’t need to know anything about Windows® and it’s fast effective and safe Cleaning ToolsSeeks out and deletes redundant files and Windows® Registry entries that are wasting space and slowing down your system Includes functions for cleaning up your hard drive the Windows® Registry your Internet surfing trail and even unnecessary duplicates of system and program library files stored by some applicationsTuning ToolsA set of tools for adjusting and optimizing Windows® system performance Includes tools for configuring autostarting programs blocking IP spam adjusting your default Windows® setting and speeding up your Internet access and a process manager that enables you to view all running processes and kill them if necessaryFile ToolsTools for splitting joining encrypting decrypting and permanently deleting files Also includes a disk space explorer program that provides valuable information on how the space on your hard disks is usedTweaking ToolsEnables you to adjust a huge number of Windows® settings quickly and easily (now well over 450 individual settings) Also includes a powerful oneclick disk defragmenter a system information tool a system benchmark tool a visual styler tool for changing the look of Windows® and a tool for viewing and changing file associations

New Modules and Tweaking Tools
The new version includes three new modules and a completely new Windows Vista™compatible version of the disk defragmenter In addition to this a very large number of new options has been added to the popular Tweaking Tools module you can now adjust well over 450 Windows® system settings and each setting is clearly explained so that you always know what you are doing

System Benchmark
The System Benchmark module tests the processor (integer and floating point) and memory performance of your system and compares the aggregate result with the performance of reference systems Check out how your computer stacks up in today's market!

Visual Styler
The Visual Styler caters to all those who are never satisfied with how their desktop looks It enables you to replace system icons apply transparency settings to Windows® components and application windows and more It also includes quick presets for many common applications

Process Manager
The Process Manager is an essential tool for dealing with badlybehaved programs It lists all the processes active on your computer displays information on the process details and allows you to kill programs manually if necessary

Disk Defragmenter
The completely new disk defragmenter is fully compatible with Windows Vista™ in both the 32 and 64 bit versions and is now even faster and more efficient Users also say that it is easier to use than any other defragmenter they have tried

Tweaking Tools
The Tweaking Tools now offer well over 450 Windows® configuration options including customization settings for Windows logon the Control Panel Internet Explorer® Windows® Explorer Windows® Media Player system appearance system settings and much more

Here are just a few of the new tweaking options

Windows® logon Change your logon settings and activate or deactivate automatic logon
File system Show/hide drives autostart settings for drives NTFS file system options and much more
Control Panel Directly adjust the settings for many of the modules in the Windows® Control Panel
Internet Explorer Security settings search engines window titles etc
Windows® Media Player Directly configure important Windows® Media Player options including privacy and security settings
MS Outlook® & Office Set the attachments to be allowed or blocked by Outlook® and many other Outlook® and Office settings
Windows® Explorer Customize Windows® Explorer to look and behave the way you want configure the toolbar background video preview options user tracking and much more
Appearance Adjust the appearance of Windows® (XP) including the wallpaper visual effects the taskbar the Start menu and much more
System settings Configure memory usage system startup behaviour system folders network settings and much more

Other changes and improvements
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4 is packed with other improvements that make the whole program look feel and perform better The graphical interface and user interface have been updated there are new skins for Windows Vista™ and there are lots of minor new functions and improvements in all the modules

General Improvements

Enhanced graphical appearance to match Windows Vista™ including new skins and themes
Thoroughly updated and enhanced user interface for nearly all modules in the program for even easier operation
System Information New updated SDK (software development kit)
Disk Space Explorer New graphical components and options
Drive Cleaner New exceptions rules assistant
Countless minor changes and improvements to improve overall performance and ease of use

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