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123 DVD to Zuneبرنامج 123 DVD to Zune رائع جداً لتحويل ملفات الفيدة الرقمة DVD وتسغيلها على مشغل Zune يقوم البرنامج بتحويل الفيدية الرقمي من DVD الى WMV, MP4 برنامج سهل يوفر لك اداة لتحويل اقراص الفيديو الرقمي, برنامج سهل استعمال

123 DVD to Zune description
A handy tool to convert DVDs to Zune video format (WMV MP4)

123 DVD to Zune provides you a handy tool to convert DVDs to Zune video format (WMV MP4) so that you can watch DVD movies on your Zune

With 123 DVD to Zune you can watch DVD movies on Microsoft Zune Player anytime you want Now you can have the benefits of DVD to Zune wherever you go!

Here are some key features of 123 DVD to Zune

Fast DVD conversion and keep high quality
Ability to select DVD clips for the ripping instead of converting an entire movie into one huge file
Ability to copy protected DVD movies
Easily extract DVD clips from DVD movies
Incredible Output Quality
More Easy Settings You Can Customize
Rename the output movie title of DVDs
Remove unwanted subtitles and audio tracks
For convenience 123 DVD to Zune can automatically shut down your computer after conversion

Supported Formats for 123 DVD to Zune

Convert DVD to WMV (Zune Video) including WMV7 WMV8 and WMV9
Convert DVD to MP4

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