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Interclue For Firefox, هو احدث انظمة استعراض محتويات ماوراء الروابط قبل التقدم والنقر مثل نظام iReader الذي سبق التطرق لها منذ فتره. وهو كما iReader, عمل كـ Add-on للمتصفح متوفر الان لمتصفح Firefox وسوف يتوفر قريباً لمتصفحات اخرى منها Internet Explorer, Safari و Opera ويوفر عرض جزء مقتضب من محتوى الصفحة الهدف. ومن الملاحظ علية اندماجة بسلاسة في العمل وعدم وجود اي تعارض او تضيق على عمل المتصفح ومقاطعتة

Interclue For Firefox description
Firefox extension that will let you see link summaries and link context information

Interclue For Firefox will bring you link summaries link context information and useful next action icons inside a tooltip window that turns up when you want it to

Clueviews are not like other web previews you may have seen Clueviews show you actual main body text rather than a cached image or the entire page or a few sentences They also have a bunch of tightly integrated extra features which are all optional

Interclue's motto is "every pixel counts" and we try to pack as much information and (optional) features as possible into our Clueviews while making sure that they're only seen when you want them rather than popping up unexpectedly as you may have seen with other page preview systems

Here are some key features of "Interclue For Firefox

Shows titles & main body text from linked HTML pages
Shows size and date information for other filetypes
Shows you the favicon of any link if available on mouseover Also has icons for 28 different filetypes
Checks for dead links and other errors
Shows date information for most pages
Shows thumbnails for some URLs showing you a small image of the site
Lets you submit link (and any selected text) to delicious or Google Bookmarks (more coming)
Lets you email the link and contents to anyone using your own email program (not proxied)
Shows you the Digg count and allows you to Digg the link
Shows you the post count and tagcloud for the link from delicious


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