NoAdware 5.0

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NoAdware 5.0NoAdware كثرة برامج مكافحة ملفات التجسس ومنها هاذا البرنامج طبعاً يوجد في وقتنا الحالي الكثير من برامج مكافحة ملفات التجسس منها البرامج الشهيرة مثل XoftSpy و البرنامج AVG Anti-Spyware و البرنامج SpyWare Doctor لحمايتك من ملفات التجسس التي تقوم بسرقتك بكل طرق لكن لكثرة هذه البرامج لم نعرف أي برنامج أفضل في هاذا المجال ولكن يستطيع المستخدم اكتشاف مدة قوة هذه البرامج بأستعماله له يقوم هاذا البرنامج بمكافحة جميع ملفات التجسس وتقول الشركة أن قاعدة بيناته تجدد بأستمرار لتصدي جميع ملفات التجسس والمواقع المشبوهة التي تقوم بزيارتها التي تحاول ان تزرع بكل طرق ملفات خبيثة جداً في جهازك يحاول هاذا البرنامج ان يمنع هذه الملفات الخبيثة في جهازك وتخلص منه

NoAdware removes harmful adware, spyware, trojans, dialers and worms

NoAdware - a tool that removes harmful adware, spyware, trojans, worms and dialers!

Here are some key features of "NoAdware

Adware, Spyware, Dialer, and Web Bug Scan
Noadware is constantly updated to identify the latest threats to your privacy. The software will scan your PC for different Spyware, Adware, Dialers, and Web Bug traces. These items not only create nuisances in the form of popups, system slowdowns and crashes, but many items actually record personal information about
you, such as credit cards, social security numbers, or other sensitive information

PC Immunization
Wouldn't you like to simply prevent malicious components from ever adding themselves to your computer in the first place?
Simple! With the click of a button, you can safely block those annoying yes/no boxes asking for your permission to install adware/spyware. If you happen to attempt to install an item that exists on our block list, the item will actually be prevented from being installed!

Browser and PC Shields
You can configure various browser shields to further protect your computer when online, including a real time shield, that will prevent items we detect from ever running on your PC in the first place!
Check the Protect IE Favorites box to ensure that no website can add their URL to your browser's 'Favorite List
In fact each time a bookmark is attempted, NoAdware will alert you and ask for your authorization to add the specific URL to the browser's 'Favorite List
This feature prevents addition of website URLs to your browsers favorites from unwanted or potentially offensive or dangerous websites!

Add a schedule
This is another useful feature that is built into the NoAdware application. With this you can schedule times when NoAdware will automatically scan your computer for possible adware / spyware infiltrations. This protects you in the event that you forget to do so manually


Will not remove anything found after the scan process, not until you register

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