PowerArchiver 2007 10.11

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PowerArchiver 2007 10.11PowerArchiver برنامج ضغط شهير جداً يعتبر من البرامج الرائعة في مجال ضغط وفك الملفات الأرشيفية وقد أثبت البرنامج قوته وتوفقه على الكثير من برامج ضغط واهمها ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, ACE, ISO برنامج مهم جداً في كل جهاز كمبيوتر ويعدم اغلب الملفات الأرشيفية المعروفة منها رار زيب ايك وغيرها من امتدادات الملفات الأرشيفية يقوم البرنامج بضغط الملفات بدرجة عالية من القوة ويمزيه بكثير من المزاية الرائعة التي تجعله يتفوق على البرامج الأخرى في مجاله وله شكل جذاب وسهل تعامل معاه لايتطلب محترف برنامج رائع ينصح بأستعماله

PowerArchiver ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, ACE, ISO

archivers. Here are the highlights:

Support for unlimited file size and unlimited number of files in ZIP archives
Support for advanced Deflate64 method providing higher compression ratios
ZIP AES support (both PkZip 5.1 and WZ 9.0 standards supported)
Fast and strong compression and decompression
Multiple disk spanning, with support for unlimited span sizes
7-Zip Compression7-Zip is an advanced compression format featured in PowerArchiver 2007. It is an open source format, providing an open architecture and high compression ratio. 7-Zip outperforms ZIP, ACE and even RAR in many tests. However, 7-Zip's greatest strength is that it is not controlled by any organization or individual, but by an open source LGPL project to which anyone can contribute. More information on 7-Zip and its superior compression can be found at 7-Zip.org.

PowerArchiver 2007 introduces a new Transparent Update feature for 7-Zip archives, which allows you to quickly add or remove files even if the archive is "Solid."

Multiple Formats Support Including ISOPowerArchiver has native support for most popular compressed and encoded formats currently in use. All formats are fully integrated into PowerArchiver, so you can utilize all PowerArchiver tools with each of them.

Read and write support for ZIP, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, BH, XXE, UUE, yENC, and MIME (Base 64)
Read and extract support for: RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, ZOO plus ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG disc image formats
Brand new Plug-in System enables new formats and file types to be supported with a small download.
New Queue System (Add/Extract/Backup) and PowerArchiver StarterAn innovative Queue System has been added to PowerArchiver 2007. This is the first time such an option is available in compression utility, and it enables you to better organize your compression, extraction and backups, as well as schedule multiple jobs to be done sequentially without slowing down your system - as multiple compressions would do if run all at once. Another first for PowerArchiver.

PowerArchiver Starter is a brand new system tray application for managing your Queue and launching the most recently used archives and backups. PowerArchiver Starter has been written in an assembler-like language for minimum size and memory usage.

Unmatched Security PowerArchiver comes with an unprecedented level of security features. Not only does it fully support the new ZIP AES standard, PowerArchiver also offers its proprietary PAE standard for additional security with five different encryption methods. For ease of use, the PowerArchiver Password Manager will save your frequently used passwords so you do not need to remember them.

Full support for ZIP AES encryption, 128-bit/192-bit/256-bit (supports: PKZip 5.1 (full), Secure Zip 8.0 and WinZip 9.0 AE-1 & AE-2)
PAE support - Encryption of files and archives using 5 different methods: Blowfish (128-bit), DES (64-bit), Triple DES (128-bit), AES 128-bit, and AES 256-bit
Automated Backups Security vulnerabilities have become a major problem in Windows, which means it is critical to backup and protect your important data. With PowerArchiver's built-in Backup Wizard, it is a breeze to backup your files.

By using a step-by-step wizard, you will be able to add files and folders, filter them based on your specifications, use 5 different compressions formats, add password protection, and even upload your backup to an FTP or SFTP (SSH) server directly!

To keep your backups secure from prying eyes, you can also encrypt the archives using ZIP AES encryption.

Guaranteed Compatibility and Explorer Integration PowerArchiver has pioneered advanced Shell Extensions that let you compress, extract and encrypt files using one click from within Windows Explorer -- without opening PowerArchiver.

Not only that, but PowerArchiver also offers an option to use an Explorer-like interface for browsing your hard drive for archives, which also supports shell integration.

PowerArchiver 2007 adds new Hybrid Shell Extensions, which puts less frequently used options in an easy to access submenu.

Compression ProfilesFor ease of use, PowerArchiver has Compression Profiles that store frequently used compression settings. You can select a compression profile when performing operations in PowerArchiver and save considerable time.

Useful Tools PowerArchiver has the most advanced set of tools that you can use to manage your archives:

Convert Tool - convert files among formats supported in PowerArchiver. It can convert thousands of files and folders at the same time.
Encode Tool - encode/decode files in UU, XX, MIME and yENC formats.
Repair Tool - repair broken ZIP archives with one simple operation.
Write/Merge Multivolume Tools - split ZIP files into multivolumes, and also merge multivolumes into a single ZIP archive.
Batch ZIP Tool - batch compress thousands of files into separate archives.
Multi-Extract Tool - extract thousands of archives at the same time.
SFX Tool - Create SFX files from ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB and PAE archives via the "Make SFX" feature or with the easy-to-use SFX Wizard[/left]

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