McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter

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McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter 3GP Video Converter برنامج مميز من شركة عملاقة McFunSoft تستطيع بواسطة هذا البرنامج تحويل ملفات الفيديو الى موبايل 3gp اي تستطيع تشغيل افلامك المفضلة على موبايل بعد تحويلها بواسطة هذا البرنامج يمتلك البرنامج واجهة مميزة سهلة أستخدام ويوفر لك الكثير من خيارات التحويل التي سوف تكون مانسبة لك انت ك مستخدم واهم الصيغ المتاحة لتحويل .AVI (DivX, XviD, MS MPEG 4, Uncompressed, Cinepak and others), MPEG MPEG 1, MPEG 2 Video, VCD, DVD, SVCD, WMV Windows Media Vide, RM Real Media ,MOV QuickTime movie , AC3 Audio Codec 3, AMR Adaptive Multi Rate, 3GP, 3G2

McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter description
A 3GP video conversion application, that will convert almost all the video files

McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter represents a 3GP video conversion application, strong and simple, that will convert almost all the video files, which can be displayed in the computer to being applicable for use by most of the 3GP mobile telephones at the present market

No program supports so comprehensive video file formats to 3GP like McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter by building in lots of codecs. All conversion processes are very fast and easy to handle

With variable settings and fast converting speed, it is an affordable, high quality 3GP video encoder

Here are some key features of "McFunSoft 3GP Video Converter

Convert all most used formats to 3GP
Convert all most used formats to other format
fast video conversion speed
Easy-to-use interface
And much more
Wide-Covered Convert

Converts all formats to 3GP
Converts all formats to MP4 format that can be played on general portable video device such as MP4 player
All encoders/codec are built-in - The software integrates with all video & audio encoders/codec so buyers can convert all supported formats
Easier to use and Faster than ever
With the concise interface and design, users can easily handle the software without any help. A file can be converted within a few seconds
It will check your CPU type automatically, provide high performance and fastest conversion speed than other software
Safe to install, Viruses free
We respect your privacy. So there are no spyware and adware in all our software
Supports batch conversion;
Stunning video and audio quality;
Has the option to automatically shutdown your computer when the conversion has been completed.
Available Formats
Input Formats
AVI (DivX, XviD, MS MPEG 4, Uncompressed, Cinepak and others)
WMV Windows Media Video
RM Real Media
MOV QuickTime movie
ASF Advanced Streaming Format (formerly Active Streaming Format)
AC3 Audio Codec 3
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate
Output Formats:


Processor type: Pentium
Processor speed: 233 MHz
Memory (Cache): 64 MB RAM Minimum
Hard disk: IDE
Soundcard: MME-compatible Soundcard
Graphics: 256 colors @ 800 x 600

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