AVG Anti-Virus Definitions August 29, 2007

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AVG Anti-Virus Definitions August 29, 2007أخر تحديث لبرنامج Avira Antivir Virus تاريخ تحديث August 29, 2007 بهذا الملف اكتشف واحذف احدث الفيروسات بحاسوبك .

AVG AntiVirus Definitions description
AVG Anti-Virus Definitions - latest free virus definitons for AVG AntiVirus

In order to provide the highest level of antivirus protection for users of AVG Anti-Virus GRISOFT continuously develops information about new viruses

This information as well as product improvements is provided to the users of AVG Anti-Virus in the form of Updates

Timely virus database updates are the critical component for the effectiveness of any antivirus program In order to ensure that your AVG is providing the maximum amount of antivirus protection your AVG Anti-Virus System must be kept up-to-date

Save update to a temporary location open AVG control center select the update button at the bottom then the select folder button and follow the prompts

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you perform all updates from the AVG Anti-Virus interface The program can distinguish between full and differential updates; while this page offers only full update files for download


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