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PicaJetنسخة مجانية من هذا البرنامج المستخدم في استعرض وترتيب للصور ...مع ادوات تحويل صيغ الصور وتصغيرها والتعديل عليها .. تستطيع تنظيم آلاف الصور كل في مجلده .. اماكن او اشخاص اي عمل البوم مصور منظم وجميل .. واسلوب عرض الصور يتم بلمسة جمالية slideshow تأثيرات متنوعة.. واستيراد للصور من الكاميرات الرقمية وتصديرها ..والعديد من المميزات الأخرى

PicaJet Photo Organizer description
PicaJet Photo Organizer - enhance print find and share your digital photos

PicaJet is a simple yet magnificently equipped and powerful digital photo album exposing a rich set of features and plenty of those “small touches” that provide a really big impact!

There has long been a real need for a photo album application that would be as simple and intuitive as the real-world variety Observing this we got right to work on a solution The result?

PicaJet a Digital Photo Album application that’s as straightforward and simple to use as the one on your bookshelf but outfitted with all the features you’d expect from digital technology!

PicaJet Photo Organizer is a software that enhances prints finds and share your digital photos

PicaJet enables you to import your photos quickly and easily from your digital camera scanner or image files and then manage view enhance print and share a lifetime of precious memories

Here are some key features of PicaJet Photo Organizer

Convenient cataloging
Add categories describe and rate your digital photos with ease
Rename multiple photos as effortlessly as one!
Image enhancement
Edit multiple photos simultaneously
Changes are never applied to the original file Consequently you can always return to your original photo! All changes are applied to a copy of the image which you can then Print E-mail Save or Copy
Dynamically resize thumbnails
Dynamically add properties to thumbnails (including EXIF!)
Dynamically zoom in on or out of any image!
View photos as a slide show
Quick import
10 convenient techniques are provided for the quick and easy importing of photos from your digital camera
An innovative new process enables you to scan your photos far more rapidly than would normally be possible!
Customize the program with user interface “skins”! (We’ve provided several for you!)
Reduce the space occupied by your photos while suffering nearly no loss of quality
Special features allow you to reduce the size of your digital photos nearly no loss of quality
Powerful search features
Using the Locate By bar you can sort and group your photos by date rating location etc Use the results to locate any desired photo or even a group of photos
Sort images by any criterion with a single click
Search photos using any criteria you like! (Including EXIF fields!)
Send your favorite photos to friends with a single mouse click
Turn your favorite photo into your Windows Desktop wallpaper in a flash!
Copy images using “dynamic editing”
Print your photos directly from digital photo album


Pentium II

What's New in This Release:

Improved Zoom feature
Optimized for Vista
Added Fotki Uploader
Added Flickr Uploader
Minor Improvements
Minor Bugs Fixed

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