Morpheus 5.4

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Morpheus 5.4Morpheus تحميل افلام تحميل اغاني تحميل افلام عربية واجنبية تحميل برامج تحميل كتب تحميل صور حصري من تجربتي لهاذا البرنامج للتحميل الأفلام والعاب والأغاني وغيرها الكثير غير نظرتي بنظام بي تو بي أي برامج مشاركة ملفات يقوم هاذا البرنامج بتحميل الأفلام والأغاني بسرعة صاروخية رهيبة واجهة برنامج أحترافية بكل معنى كملة وسهل تعامل معه تستطيع أت تقوم بالبحث على الأفلام او العاب او الأغاني وتحميلها بسرعة هائلة برنامج رائع جداً للتحميل كل ماتريده في عالم الأنترنت والبرنامج له الكثير من مزاية الرائعة تستطيع عرض الفلم او الأغنية قبل تحميلها وتستطيع كذالك تحميل بواسطة هاذا البرنامج ملفات تورنت التي انتشرت بفرتة الأخيرة أذا لاداعي لأستعمال برامج تحميل تورنت مع هاذا البرنامج الرائع بكل هاذا تأكيد يستحق التجربة

The new Morpheus 5.4 offers exciting new features, including

NEW New transfer system – faster downloads and ability to set priority.
NEW Firewall improvements - enhanced Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support.
NEW Skins update - changes reload without restart of application.
NEW Various Bug Fixes – podcast functionality, general improvements, and much more.
GUI – Sleek and intuitive new user interface and design.
Search and Library Browser – makes sifting and locating files quicker and easier by giving users the ability to intuitively search by keyword, file type, format, size, genre, artist, title or other metadata.
Podcast Support – allows you to subscribe to and manage podcasts.
Search and Download Podcasts - via p2p or the new podcast web directory.
iTunes** integration – quick and easy audio and video exporting to iPods** through iTunes**.
Firewall to firewall transfers – now supports UDP to UDP transfers giving you access to more files.
Narrow Search – get immediate narrowing of search results by keywords.
Improved resources – optimizes computer’s performance by lowering CPU usage.
Faster Transfers – enhanced and more reliable downloads using UDP probing.
Faster Connections - UDP host support improved for Gnutella and Neonet Network.
Multi-user support for wXP – recognizes more than one user for personalization of settings
Playlist support – create and modify playlists.
Search Optimization – one-click functionality.
One-click CD burning – burning your Morpheus files has never been easier.
Parental Control – provides three layers of protection for parents to control usage of the application.
Multiple Skin support – can switch between skins. Alternative skins and better skin support pending.
More file information – Rich HTML Tooltips and extensive file details and availability information.
Morpheus™ Forum™ – allows users to share their experiences and gives Morpheus ability to respond directly to software issues.

In addition, we've improved on some of our current features:
BitTorrent** support – let Morpheus be your default program to find and download BitTorrent files.
Creative Commons**§ – Morpheus search recognizes files tagged with Creative Commons.
Tiger-tree hashing – verifies files by chunks while it downloads, improving file integrity and accuracy.
Proxy support - Users can now a use web proxy to route downloads to protect their identity.
Bitzi** look-ups – Community digital catalog tool that helps eliminate spoofed file and helps verify metadata for added file accuracy.
Search Multiple Files – begin and manage multiple searches.
Multiple-Network Compatibility** – Neo Network, Gnutella, BitTorrent, and G2

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