SurfStream 1.0

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SurfStream 1.0 SurfStream 1.0 برنامج مذهل يسرع التصفح عن طريق حفظ الصفحات في بروكسي سيرفر خاص به ويخبئ الصفحات التي تزورها وهاذا سوف يجعل من التصفح أسرع جداً .أنتا تستطيع أستعراض الصفحات التي قمت بزيارتها ولن تنتظر تحميل صفحات المواقع .أنتا يمكنك كذالك في البرنامج أن تقوم بربط حاسبات أخرى في بيتك او عملك لي تحصل على نفس دفع وسرعة في تصفح المواقع .يحتوي البرنامج على منع أعلان والنافذات المزعجة ويمكن ان تزيل جميع أعلانات المواقع عندما تتصفح المواقع دون أزعاج نظام السيطرة على الأرسال أي بي قد لاتوضع بشكل الصحيح وهاذا يمكن أن يجهل تصفحك بطيئ جداً ولكن مع أستعمال هاذا البرنامج يقوم بسيطرة على اي بي وال دي ان اس ويحدد نوع الأتصال

Get a real speed boost with SurfStream!
SurfStream contains a fully featured proxy server that caches the web content you visit as you browse the internet

This can make web browsing significantly faster.

Surfstream can also pre-fetch web pages so that they are ready to view in your web browser. You can view these web pages instantly without waiting for them to be downloaded!

You can also connect other computers in your home or office to SurfStream so they also get the same boost when browsing the web.

Block annoying banner ads and popup windows!
SurfStream contains advanced banner ad blocking and popup window blocking so you can eliminate annoying advertisements while browsing the web.

Tune up your PC so it connects to the internet as fast as possible!
Your computer's TCP/IP settings may not be set correctly and this can make your web browser slower and your downloads take longer than they should. SurfStream solves this problem by automatically analyzing your TCP/IP and DNS settings and recommending changes based on your internet connection type.

Test how fast your internet connection performs!
SurfStream contains an accurate speed tester that checks how fast your computer can download and upload data. You can compare your results with popular connection speeds with an easy-to-understand graph.

Organize your collection of Internet Explorer favorites!
SurfStream reads all your Internet Explorer favorites and lets you create, edit and manage your favorite web sites. Advanced checking tells you when favorite links are broken and when favorite web sites are updated.

Keep you computer's clock as accurate as possible!
SurfStream lets you connect to internet time servers so that your clock is automatically synchronized and kept at the correct time.

No Adware or Spyware!
SurfStream does not contain any Spyware or Adware. You will never be annoyed by banner ads or have your personal information captured and sent to web servers.

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