Inquiry Professional Edition 1.6.408

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Inquiry Professional Edition 1.6.408هو برنامج للبحث في الإنترنت عن أي ملف تريد و تنظيم عمليات بحثك و إستخلاص ما تريد من الإنترنت أي شيء كان سواء ملفات فلاش أو ملفات أغاني أو ملفات وورد أو ملفات برامج أو ملفات مضغوظة بدون حدود ... كما يمكنك إستخراج الإيميلات من المواقع و غير ذلك

MetaProducts Inquiry Professional Edition description
MetaProducts Inquiry makes Internet research a snap!

MetaProducts Inquiry Pro makes Internet research a snap!

Inquiry Professional Edition will help you collect, organize and view information from the Web on your terms, quickly and easily.

A Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 application, it is fully integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer and is also available as a standalone application.

Inquiry Pro stores various Web files: entire web pages, selected text and images, Shockwave Flash clips and many others. It can also import documents from your MSIE Favorites and export them to various formats to share with friends and colleagues.

Forget cumbersome open and close dialog boxes. Managing your stored pages is quick and easy. You access Inquiry simply by clicking a button on the MS Internet Explorer toolbar or Inquiry Sidebar. A single click saves the page you are currently browsing, or your selected text or images. Inquiry stores pages much faster than the regular Internet Explorer Save As feature.

Inquiry Pro is sophisticated enough to meet the needs of professional researchers, yet simple enough for novice users. Researchers, lawyers, writers, scholars, professors, students or just the casual shopper will all find Inquiry just the tool they need to collect, store and manage any type of Internet information.

Using Inquiry Professional Edition you can save citation and reference information, and design your own reference styles to be stored with each document. Also you can print multiple saved pages with a single command and Customize page icons list.

Here are some key features of "MetaProducts Inquiry Standard Edition":

You can store all kinds of web pages, images and Shockwave Flash files.
The Saved Pages folder allows you to save a page with just one click.
A convenient toolbar button adds the page to one of the ten most-used folders.
You can also use drag-and-drop and the right-click context menu to store a page.
Drag a link to the Inquiry Band to download and save the page automatically.
Drag a selection with links to download and store all pages linked to the selection.
You can append the current page contents or a selection on the page to another page.
Use the Auto Save button to automatically store all pages you browse to a special folder.
Inquiry keeps all collected information in compressed files saving disk space.


30 days trial

What's New in This Release:

Improved support of large video files
Added the Elements tab to the Page Properties dialog. It allows to view, delete and save to disk texts, images, etc. embedded in the page.
Added ability to change page thumbnail (in the Page Properties dialog)
Added ability to backup selected pages
Added menu to the exported CHM files
Improved display of the imported pages
Combined two tabs of the Save dialog (Save Images to Disk and Save Flash Files to Disk)
Improved integration with Avant Browser
Bug Fix: Fixed exception when moving keyboard focus in the fullscreen mode of the Inquiry Browser
Bug Fix: Fixed support of the Right/Left keys in the address line of Inquiry Browser
Bug Fix: Removed ability to attempt to delete a top-level folder with a keyboard shortcut

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