ModernView 1.1

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ModernView 1.1ModernView مستعرض صور متميز بواجهته الجذابة،، وهو مجاني وخفيف جداً على النظام.. وهو يقوم بعرض مختلف أنواع الصور

ModernView lets you view images without flickering, flashing, tearing, jittering, jumping or waiting

With ModernView watching or presenting images looks professional and is fun too thanks to a modern graphics card and a simple, consistent and efficient user interface

ModernView can zoom
and scroll large images extremely softly and smoothly without delay or compromising image quality (eg by reducing resolution or skipping necessary on-the-fly image filtering)

It opens all common Windows image formats, offers a full screen mode with full functionality and supports also dual monitors 2D Scrollbar panning, selection zooming and a magnifier are nice-to-have features as well


Latest graphics drivers supporting OpenGL 15 (all modern ones do) and NET Framework 20

Whats New in This Release

Reconfigured interface for 3-button mice
Improved animated GIF handlng
Lots of minor changes, additions and fixes

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