Flex GIF Animator 8.0

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Flex GIF Animator 8.0Flex GIF Animator برنامج رائع يمكنك من صنع صور متحركة عالية الوضوح وصغيرة الحجم بنفس الوقت،، وهو يمكنك من صنع العديد من الصور المتحركة بعدة أنماط بحيث تستخدمها في موقعك الإلكتروني أو أي إستخدام آخر وهو يحتوي على العديد من التأثيرات الجاهزة والتي تستطيع إضافتها وإستخدامها لتسهل عليك عملية صنع هذه الصور

Flex Gif Animator
A software application that makes it easy to create high-impact Web animation

Flex GIF Animator is a useful application that makes it easy to produce high-impact , fast-loading Web animations.

Flex GIF Animator makes it easy to create fast-loading, high-impact animated GIFs for your Web site and PowerPoint presentations. Advanced optimization delivers the smallest possible file size, while exporting to video, EXE, and Flash formats makes it one of the most versatile animation tools available.

Here are some key features of Flex Gif Animator

Advanced optimization
Flex GIF Animator has advanced options to optimize for target file size or compression ratio, Before-and-after animated previews, display real-time optimized results, flexible palette options for full control over colors ,total scale of animation.

Flexible Editor
Supports double animation edit mode Timeline keyframe , frame edit, double image edit mode true-color object-based vector graphics and pixel-based editing with selection, paint brush tools . support add shadow, around edge and 3-D edge to vector graphic , There is support
for Transparency color and support curvering the motion path of object.

Make Trick Banners
Supports create trick bannersanimated GIFs with simulated windows controls,Trick banners generally have the highest click-through rate. more about trick banners...

Real time 3D effects
supports a variety of awesome special effects, include Form based effect such as deform, flag, wave, spray light, scroll,particle etc and image based effect, These are two types of effects that can be used simultaneously with one object. particle system with ten predefined. built-in warp and morph animation maker .Click to see Paticle System,Click to see Deform and morph

Objects tween Animation maker
Support tween colorinclude vary color,shapecurve,transform,mask and other object's attributes,So it is possible to create any objects tween animation what you think.

3D style Text or graphic objects
Support arbitrary add 3D style edge, brush draw edge, shadow, background layers to the text and any vector graphic objects

Flexible Output
Exports to a wide variety of file formats including GIF, AVI, EXE, Flash and single frame image JPG, TGA, BMP, GIF files.

Screen and video capture
Capture the desktop, window and region of the desktop, especially it can record the change of the window or region of the desktop.See also Screen Capture. Capture frames form mircrosoft AVI, Quicktime Move,mpg,Flash move, save it as seperate objects that can be edited.

Add sound to the animated GIF
Flex GIF Animator has built in audio recorder,It ca also imported audio file outside,It is easy to create synchronization move with audio and video such as mircrosoft AVI,Quicktime move,mpg,Flash move ,self play exe with synchronization audio etc.


Intel Pentium compatible processors
64MB of RAM
20MB of available hard drive space
CD-ROM drive
True Color or HiColor display adapter and monitor
Windows compatible pointing device


15 days trial
nag screen
Not fully functional

What's New in This Release

Natural image matting
World leader natural image matting algorithm supported
Make Trick Banners
Supports create trick bannersanimated GIF with simulated windows controls,Trick banners generally have the highest click-through rate
Icon Extract
Extract icon from exe or dll file as part of animated GIF

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