LightZone 3.0.6

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LightZone 3.0.6LightZone برنامج رائع يمكنك من تعديل وإضافة التأثيرات على صورك دون الحاجة لأن تكون خبيراً في برمجيات الرسوميات والتصميم .. فهو يتيح المجال لإبداعك بالظهور على الصور دون الحاجة لأن تدخل في تعقيدات تعلم كيفية إضافة تأثير معين على صورة أو القيام بتعديل صورة ما .. وهو يعتبر برنامج يجمع أكثر من وظيفة في نفس الوقت .. فهو يتيح لك أيضاً التحويل بين أنماط الصور المختلفة، كما أنه يعد متصفح عملي للصور .. وهو يعمل على جميع إصدارات نظام ويندوز وبكل ثبات وفعالية

LightZone offers a unique visual approach that focuses on what you want to do with your photos

LightZone allows you to work at a higher level and focus on being creative rather than having to struggle with things like pixels, curves and histograms Our photographic approach allows you to become proficient at image editing in a matter of hours Use your intuition as a photographer rather than having to spend years reading books and attending courses LightZone, our classic all-in-one application, has its own integrated image browser and raw converter allowing you to use one application for your entire workflow

The Photo Browser allows you to navigate among the folders on your computer

For a given folder, the main view shows you thumbnails of all the photos in that folder You also see all the image metadata for a selected photo

Connecting the dots
LightZone is the only photo-editor where every operation is a smart operation
No more tweaking of confusing histograms, no more guess-work a single slider in LightZone can adjust any of the 16 exposure values in an image individually, grouped or selectively

Built-in intelligence
Safely experiment with change in exposures without
changing color or vice versa Instantly create High Dynamic Range images, without the need to take multiple exposures All operations are performed in a 16-bit dynamic range for maximum editing flexibility

Unlimited layers
An unlimited tool stack allows for unlimited edits to the photograph, in which the hierarchy determines in what order these edits are performed Edit instructions are stored as non destructive operational layers rather than pixel layers Individual edit operations can be sequenced differently and turned on or off

Powerful selections and mask
While many accurate adjustments can be made with tools without selections because of LightZone's advanced image analysis technology, sometimes a specific region requires more attention or isolation

LightZone's live-regions with feathering can be changed in shape, or moved even after the edit is applied Regions are linked to individual tools, allowing for very detailed editing operations

Here are some key features of LightZone

Instant Styles
High Dynamic Range
High Dynamic Range sunset
Black and White Toning
Blue filter Black and White
Contrast and Pop
InfraRed Look
Lomo Look
Palladium Toning
Soft Wow
Page Soft Wow
Shadows opener
Alien InfraRed
Style creation
Import and Export Styles

Intelligent Tools
Relight tool
Colorized Black and White
Noise reduction
Modify live RAW adjustments
Selections and Masks
White Balance
Color Balance
Clone and stamp
Red-eye removal

Powerful Workflow
Embedded edit tool-stack in JPEG
Selective edit history
Metadata editor & preference
Lift and batch-apply Styles
Image stack and unstack
Smart select
Send and preference
Help and advice
Photo browser
Batch processing
New camera RAW support
Rank and sort
Soft Proof
Printing with automatic resize
RAW selective editing
Lightroom integration
iPhoto integration
Aperture integration


Pentium or AMD CPU w/SSE2
1 GB RAM 2 GB recommended


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

LightZone BASIC support - including lite access to the LightZone Digital Asset Manager
New built-in Polarization Style, emulates a polarization filter
Added support for Nikon D40X RAW
Added support for Kodak P712 RAW
Added support for Samsung GX10 RAW
Improved Nikon D40 RAW support
Improved Sony R1 RAW support
Improved Fuji S5 RAW support
Bug fixes
Fixed license key issues
Fixed certain memory & thread leaks
Fixed rotation on Olympus 8080 RAW
Nikon D1X JPEG issues

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3.1
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended 10.0

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