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Site Builder Software 1.0Site Builder Software يمكنك من تصميم صفحات الإنترنت بكل سهولة وسرعة .. فبفضل مزاياه الكبيرة يستطيع المستخدم المبتدئ تصميم أجمل الصفحات دون الحاجة لكتابة سطر برمجة واحد .. ويستفيد المحترفون بالتصميم من مزاياه المتقدمة والتي توفر لهم طرقاً أفضل وأسهل في برمجة الخصائص المعقدة .. ويمكنك هذا البرنامج من إنشاء القوائم المتحركة بكل سهولة وتضمين خاصية RSS Feed وتزويد موقعك بدلائل البحث والكلمات المفتاحية بكل سهولة

Site Builder Software
Site Builder Software - easily build a dynamic web site with an automatically generated menu structure

Site Builder Software allows you to easily build a dynamic web site with an automatically generated menu structure, auto keyword and description meta tag generation, inbuilt RSS feeds and valid XHTML coding

Site Builder Software is a quick and easy Web Site creation software It's basic operation makes it suitable for novices, while experienced professional web site developers will value the extensive range of advanced features

Here are some key features of Site Builder Software

Quick Site allows you to have your site up and running in minutes, input a password click Build Site Code, upload the generated code to your server and you have a web site complete with a dynamic menu and ready for you to type in your content
No databases, no programming, just type
Builds Valid XHTML web pages to ensure
your pages display correctly in all current browsers and will in the future Valid XHTML also increases the value of your site for both users and search engines
Provides a consistent site wide template from one base file allowing one change site wide updates
Content is saved in XML format directly on your server, providing a fully dynamic site without using a database
Meta Tag Automatic Generation, auto generates valid and relevant meta tag values for Title, Description and Keywords
Menu Automatic Generation, auto generates Menu Navigation links for the site
Auto Keyword generation algorithm can be adjusted to set the number and length of keywords and keyword phrases used
Automatically generates an RSS feed for the latest site modifications, with an RSS link both in the meta tags and on each page
Site layout and style is fully controlled by an external Cascading Style Sheet CSS that can be easily and quickly modified to provide site wide style and layout changes
Valid XHTML and Valid CSS links to quickly validate your site code at any time
RSS feeds can be embedded into page content with a simple rssurl= parameter This allows both the sites own RSS feed to be displayed in a page as well as RSS feeds from other sites
Items and pages are added by simply typing plain text into a text area and saving or using the standard html buttons to provide additional html formatting if desired
Capacity to display the last updated date for each Item
Auto Save to automatically save work in progress
Save As function to save the content to a local file on your computer, for future use or as a backup
Supports URL rewriting allowing the generated site to use clean static urls
Includes a Draft Item for progressive development of content
Includes an Administration Item that is accessed once signed in providing a note pad for the site developer
Allows Item content to be copied and pasted from text files allowing you to quickly reuse text from other sources
Easily adjustable variables provide limit less site design and structure options
Includes the ability to run external javascript files and apply onload functions by Item
In-built Question and Answer script for displaying a Question with the Answer hidden until the link is clicked

The generated Site Code runs on your web server and your web server must support the php scripting language Most commercial web servers support php


7 days trial

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