Photo Toolkit 1.7

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Photo Toolkit 1.7Photo Toolkit هو عبارة عن برنامج مفيد وفعال وسهل الإستخدام .. يساعدك في إضافة التعديلات على الصور ببعض الضغطات على الفأرة .. بحيث تستطيع آثار العيون الحمراء الناتجة عن خطأ التصوير .. ويمكنك أيضاً من تعديل لون الجلد وحتى تبييض الأسنان .. وهو يحتوي على العديد من التقنيات الممتازة التي تمكنك من تحسين الصور وتوضيحها دون الإستعانة بأية برامج تحرير صور أخرى

Photo Toolkit
Photo Toolkit - edit digital photos directly from Windows Explorer or Picture and Fax Viewer

Photo Toolkit is a useful, reliable, yet compact and easy-to-learn solution to improve digital images

With only a few clicks, anyone can automatically remove red eye effect, correct skin imperfections and whiten teeth, remove color cast, add artistic effects, resample and crop photos directly from Windows Fax and Picture Viewer or Windows Explorer

This patent-pending technology enables to edit photos without the need to open any external photo editing software
Photo Toolkit includes several unique tools to improve your photos

Red Eye Remover is the fully automatic solution for red-eye effect correction with the best success detection rate available on the market

VicMan Makeup technology allows even a novice photographer to improve portrait photos in a minute by performing simple and fast corrections of skin imperfections

Several brush tools, each addressing a specific skin defect, approximate neighboring areas to overlap the defect, thus
making the skin look natural and smooth

Photo Toolkit also contains unique technology of teeth whitening This is the first solution on the market that enables to remove dim tooth enamel defect without precise brush stokes Based on advanced statistical processes, teeth whitening brush preserves the color of the lips and whitens only the teeth

Advanced color correction module consists of basic levels, contrast and gamma correction, all fully automatic, and more advanced methods such as automatic saturation correction and illumination flattening

To achieve best results, user can choose the desired effect from several images, which are versions of the original picture, each processed by different correction algorithms or their combinations

With Photo Toolkit, you can also resize photos with minimal loss of quality and sharpness, crop and fine-tune the image, add artistic and lighting effects

Here are some key features of Photo Toolkit

No need to get used to an array of complicated programs to edit your images Enhance your photos while viewing them in your Windows Explorer or in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
No need to open slow confusing image-processing programs and load your images into them Get a quick access to powerful image-editing options right from your Windows Explorer!
Fix red eye, correct colors, remove artifacts, create caricatures, add lighting effects to your photos etc with a couple of clicks! For complete list of tools see the Features page
If desired, Photo Toolkit can be used as a stand-alone application
Batch processing lets you quickly edit multiple photos with minimal effort! You can process batches of images easily using Windows Explorer context menu or the stand-alone program

Note The installation package includes the Web Photo Album application You can choose not to install it

What's New in This Release

The new 16 version offers you a new way to fix color balance in images The improved Color Correction plugin lets you now adjust image color temperature


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