Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite 3.3.2

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Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite 3.3.2Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite هو عبارة عن برنامج متكامل يعطيك الفرصة لتصميم عروض الصور والبومات الصور المختلفة لتستخدمها في صفحات الإنترنت أو لأي استخدام آخر .. وليس هنالك أي حاجة لأن تمتلك أي خبرات في برنامج الــ Flash .. وهذه الحزمة تحتوي برنامجي Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder و Wondershare Flash Album Studio. وهو يحتوي على العديد من القوالب الجاهزة والمصممة بإحتراف لتسهل عليك عملية التصميم .. كما يتميز باحتوائه مكتبة تأثيرات رائعة لتستخدمها في الألبومات .. وهو مصمم ليستخدمه أي شخص دون إمتلاكه أي خبرات برمجية أو خبرات في التصميم متقدمة

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite
Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite is the complete flash slideshow solution

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite is truly the complete flash slideshow and flash web album solution for pictures - No Flash skills required This Suite includes Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder and Wondershare Flash Album Studio

The more photos you take in this holiday season, the more you can create And that's why Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder and Flash Album Studio are a perfect holiday combination - Make creative holiday slideshows and flash albums in style

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder delivers creativity and easy to your flash picture slideshowing and sharing Create customized flash slideshows with soundtracks and eye-catching effects, together with your own voice narration, text captions and photo templates

Built in, exclusive Theme Designer polishes your creativity to customize animated templates And Wondershare Flash Album Studio creates fun-to-watch flash albums for LAZY people Start with cool predesigned styles, and
apply creative cliparts and effects to turn your show into something special You can also show off your slideshows on your WEB, Blog and Myspace, etc

Here are some key features of "Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite"

Bring Picutres to Life with Animation
Choose animated theme templates, such as Christams, love, business, etc
Apply 200+ transition effects, multiple photo motions and photo ken burn effects
Add soundtracks, together with your own voice narration, animated text captions

Complete Creative Suite
Create customized styles using powerful Theme Designer of Flash SlideShow Builder
Exciting cliparts and dozens of decorative picture frames

Unique Animated Styles
Templates mix meaningful themes with rich special effects for stunning results
More FREE templates are available to download for creating show in Flash Album Studio

Share, Show off & Enjoy
Create a SWF file or executable(EXE) file for sharing your life's highlights easily
Create HTML file from your flash slideshow to share with the whole world
Personalize you desktop with custom slideshow screensaver
Host your album at Wondershare Flash-Slide-Showcom for 100M FREE space to be shared online
Make a flash slideshow for Myspace profile or add it in your Blog

Windows Vista Supported
Compatible with most Windows operating system - Win2K/XP/2003, and the up-to-date Windows Vista


Operating System Requirement Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Processor (CPU) Pentium III/Athlon 500 MHz or above
RAM 256 MB or above
Hard Drive(s) Size 50MB Free Space or above
Macromedia Flash Player is needed Macromedia Flash Player 7 or Flash Player 8 Recommend


watermark on the output files

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