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Malware Scannerبرنامج Malware Scanner مكافح ملفات التجسس والتروجان والفايروسات وملفات الظارة هذا البرنامج يكافح كل الملفات الخبيثة والظارة التي تعبث في حاسوبك يقوم هذا البرنامج بتخلص نهائيا من ألاف الملفات الخبيثة من حاسوبك وحتى لايسمح لأي فرصة قد يضر فيها حاسوبك ويستطيع التخلص من Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware,removal utility. البرنامج سوف يعمل في الخلفية لكشف عن ملفات الظارة ويقوم بتسجيل كل الحركات الخفية التي تجري في الحاسوب وكشف عنها ويسح لك بأزالتها من نظامك بأمان ونظام الحراسة real-time يقوم برصد كل مايتم في نظامك من تغيير في ذاكرة او تثبيت او تغير في نظامك كما يزل البرنامج الملفات الخطرة التي يتم تحميلها من برامج مشاركة الملفات Kazza, Morpheus, audiogalaxy, grokster, Limewire, Imesh, Gnutella ملفات التجسس Spyware دائماً وغاليا يتم تركيبها دون علمك وأرسال المعلومات التي تخص بك الى شركات الأعلان التي بدروها تقوم بأرسال لك المزيد من الأعلانات المنبثقة برنامج مميز يستحق التجربة والتحميل

Malware Scanner
Kills pests on your system by scanning your drives and picking them up before they get the chance to do any harm

Malware Scanner is on the front lines of the fight against spywares, to reel in Online scammers

The Immunizer will protect you against Active X-based threats by preventing them from being installed on your systemMalware Scanner is an Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware,removal utility

Malware Scanner scans your memory for active memory ad components, which are not stored on your hard drive and last only as long as the computer is powered up, registry, & drives for known adware modules & for known SpyWare and thiefware parasites & scum-ware components and lets you remove them safely from your system

System Guard is a real-time monitor that watches your memory and registry for spyware that tries to install or change your system, Also removes Bundled spyware components from Kazza, Morpheus, audiogalaxy, grokster, Limewire, Imesh, Gnutella & and many other programs which contain spywares

SpyWare apps, often installed without your knowledge, send information about your surfing habits to advertisement companies, which, in turn, send you more popup ads

New features include a new Spy Add/Remove utility which uses the installer log files to uninstall all the components that the spyware programs have installed on your PC system, and an automatic update system that keeps your level of protection up-to-date

Protects your business and home information Avoid the entrance to your equipment through backdoors that could allow the stealing of information from it, monitors the programs Tries to connect to the nternet and waits for incoming connections then alerts the user to decide to allow or block this connection

Here are some key features of Malware Scanner

Scan contains three options quick scan, full scan, custom volume scan
you also have the ability to scan memory, scan Registry quick scan, deep scan and scan cookies
The ability to choose which action to take on the Infected objects Quarantine, Keep or Delete
The ability to save the scanning log results by pressing on save to file button
The ability to make a backup for list of objects you want & the ability to restore them as well
The Program has a keep List that contains entries to components you dont want Malware scanner to remove or detect in the next scan
A System Guard Module that contains Startup Guard, BHO Guard, Windows Guard, Internet Explorer Guard & Guards Summary
Alerts that fires the alert types that you made in the system guard
The options window contains tabs which include General options, Scanning options, Startup options, Live update options, Schedule options & Interface option


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