Word Password 10.1.6805

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Word Password 10.1.6805برنامج Word Password هو أداة لاسترجاع كلمة السر ببرنامج الوورد. وتقوم هذه التقنية الفريدة بإلغاء إقفال الملف خلال دقيقة مهما كان طول كلمة السر. وعلى عكس غيره من المنتجات المنافسة، يضمن البرنامج للمستخدم استرجاع كلمة السر على الفور بنجاح. ويتيمز البرنامج بواجهته سهلة الاستخدام، ويمكنه تحطيم ألغاز كلمات السر بأي إصدار من برنامج الوورد

Word Password
Word Password guaranteed password recovery for Word all versions

Word Password is a guaranteed password recovery application, which comes in very handy if you forget, lose, or misplace your password for Word documents

Such situation may also occur if someone who does not work with you anymore password protects your vital information that is absolutely necessary to retrieve

Word Password features
various approaches to the password recovery problem, from straightforward brute-force attack and dictionary search, to unique Guaranteed Recovery

This option that helps unlock a file regardless of length and complexity of the original password

Unlike competing products, Word Password guarantees unconditionally successful document recovery

Word Password's interface is web-like and easy to use

No professional expertise is required for setting up and using the program; in automatic mode you can recover any document just in few mouse clicks
For advanced users we offer manual mode capable of fine-tuning all parameters

Word Password supports all MS Word versions and all password types Started in 1997 Word Password project was the first and fastest password recovery module in the world that supply unique guaranteed recovery


The DEMO version is able to recover short passwords only up to 3 characters long

What's New in This Release

Express Guaranteed Recovery - recover any document within a few minutes


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