Kerio Personal Firewall 4.5.916

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Kerio Personal Firewall 4.5.916يحمي الجدار الناري Kerio Personal Firewall أجهزة الكمبيوتر من أية تهديدات من الإنترنت. ويقوم البرنامج بمراقبة حركة الاتصالات الداخلة والخارجة مع التأكد من السماح بحركات نقل البيانات الشرعية فقط. هذا ويتم حماية كل التطبيقات من التروجان، كما يقوم البرنامج بإحباط أية محاولات تحميل برامج خطيرة تهدف إلى تجاهل عملية الفحص التي يقوم بها الجدار الناري. ويوفر برنامج KPF إمكانية التحكم عن بعد ومنع تسجيل الدخول للقيام بأنشطة مشكوك فيها إلى جانب فحص عمليات التحديث الآلية

Kerio Personal Firewall
Kerio Personal Firewall - easy-to-use free personal firewall

The Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall helps control how computers share information with other computers through the Internet or a local network It also protects computers from external or internal attacks from other computers The Personal Firewall is especially useful for laptop computers since they are easier to compromise because of built-in wireless access

Basically, a firewall is a program that protects one computer from other computers It examines information that tries to enter a computer from an outside source ie the
internet, and determines if the information is safe or harmful

Here are some key features of Kerio Personal Firewall

Stop all traffic – stops all traffic on the computer This function can be helpful especially when undesirable or strange network activity is detected Traffic can be restored after the appropriate security actions are taken
Logging – Each firewall module creates an independent log that is stored in a text file Logs can be viewed in a configuration dialog Logs can also be stored on a Syslog server
Connections overview and statistics – The overview provides information about established connections and ports opened by individual applications Information on the current speed and size of transmitted data in both directions is also provided for active connections The overview is automatically refreshed in predefined time intervals Statistics show users the number of objects blocked by the Web content filter and the number of detected intrusions during specific time periods
Automatic update – Regular checks are made for newer versions of the firewall Whenever a new version is detected, users have the option of downloading and installing it It is also possible to check for new versions manually


Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home, XP Professional, and XP Media Center Edition operating systems
CPU Intel Pentium or 100% compatible
10 MB of free disc space
minimal screen resolution 800x600 pixels

What's New in This Release

Corrected issue in which registration fails when firewall is enabled
Significant improvement in network performance when web filtering is enabled
Enhanced Process Injection prevention to prevent code inject attempts into Windows system DLLs
Corrected numerous application crashes in the firewall service
Corrected various crashes in assistexe
Corrected issue in which setting password and checking for update does not cancel authentication form
Corrected issue in which binary data appeared in logs
Significant improvement in product stability


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