Safe'n'Sec 2.0.1045

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Safe'n'Sec 2.0.1045Safe'n'Sec برنامج وظيفته حمايتك من الفيروسات وبرامج التجسس وأحصنة طروادة وغيرها من الملفات المشابهة الضارة .. كما أن بإمكانه حمايتك ضد هجمات المخترقين .. وهو يحدث يومياً ضد أحدث الفيروسات

Safe n Sec
Safe'n'Sec is a security suite to protect your data against new threats and vulnerabilities

Safe'n'Sec provides multi-target protection of personal computers against new threats and vulnerabilities that cannot be neutralized with traditional antivirus solutions

Safe'n'Sec is a security suite that protects your system and can detect threats

Safe'n'Sec offers a new generation protection tool effective against

zero-day viruses
spyware, Trojans, etc
hacker attacks, intrusions, and data thefts
destructive user actions

Safe’n’Sec is an advanced behavioral
analyzer that can be classified as an IPS Intrusion Prevention System product IPS products are used to complement traditional security solutions, such as antivirus applications, anti-spam utilities, and personal firewalls, because the latter do not guarantee reliable protection against newborn threats

StarForce Safe’n’Sec uses cutting-edge proactive technologies based on process behavioral analysis All objects are analyzed by their behavior, not by their code This approach does not depend on the specific type of threat analyzed virus, hacker attack, Trojan

Here are some key features of Safe n Sec

Excellent compatibility and effectiveness
seamlessly integrates into a security system of any complexity
smoothly works with the antivirus software and firewalls of leading vendors
prevents proliferation of zero-day viruses
detects spyware and prevents intrusion attempts into user systems
blocks even the most sophisticated hacker attacks

Minimum of false alarms
distinguishes dangerous attacks from harmless actions
employs an advanced decision-making mechanism
does not affect system performance
takes up only 5MB RAM

user-friendly interface
easy installation
flexible settings
automatic updates
detailed reports


30 days

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