Secure Clean PC 2.3

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Secure Clean PC 2.3Secure Clean PC عند تصفحك للإنترنت .. وقيامك بنشاطاتك على الشبكة .. المتصفح الخاص بك يقوم بحفظ كل هذه النشاطات بحيث تستطيع الرجوع إليها فيما بعد .. وهذا قد يهدد خصوصيتك بحيث يستطيع أي شخص يستخدم الحاسوب من بعد تقفي أثرك ونشاطاتك على الإنترنت .. لقد صمم برنامج Secure Clean PC ليقوم بمسح جميع هذه النشاطات بشكل آمن بحيث لا يستطيع أحد إستعادتها فيما بعد .. وهو يقوم بمسح المعلومات بكافة أنواعها .. سواء كلمات السر المحفوظة أو الصور التي تم عرضها أو الصفحات التي تم الدخول إليها وغيرها من المعلومات الشبيهة

Secure Clean PC
Schedule removing evidence from your PC that may be used against you

When you work on your computer surfing the Internet, paying your bills online, logging in with passwords, your PC records the information traces of all your actions

For example, the history of all web sites you visited, all the pictures you downloaded, all the pages and text you saw, are recorded by the system So when you log in next time, you don't need to type the user names and passwords again

The information that you may consider as confidential is kept on your computer unprotected and may be recovered by people with
some minimal computer knowledge In general, this is done for ease of use, but the problem is you compromise with your security by using these features Possibly, your collaborators or boss would like to access private information at your workplace, that may even affect you when you least suspect it Somebody can use your computer to make purchases on the Internet with your credit card remember, your credit card and all the details are stored there and you can be left to bare with unwanted consequences

To solve this problem, you will need to clean up your computer to a secure state by erasing evidence marks and other garbage that may be used against you Secure Clean PC program will do this job for you automatically, and also with scheduled operations

Here are some key features of Secure Clean PC

Built-in smart engine for wipe out
Built-in scheduler for wipe out
Easy and intuitive interface


30 days trial

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