Music Label 2008 14.0

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Music Label 2008 14.0برنامج رائع يبقي مجموعاتك الموسيقية في متناول يديك،، سواء أكنت محباً لموسيقى البوب أو الكلاسيك أو أي نوع آخر ستجد مكان مقطوعاتك الموسيقية بالضبط في أي وقت،، Music Label 2008 يساعدك على تنظيم مقطوعاتك الموسيقية وترتيبها وتصنيفها بحيث يسهل عليك عملية البحث والتعامل مع مقطوعاتك،، يتميز بسهولة استخدامه وقوة أداءه

Music Label
Music Label enables you to catalog your entire music collection

Music Label always keeps your music collection close at hand
Whether you are a collector of pop music, classical music or a DJ with all kinds of music, you will always know where your music is located at all times

Music Label 2005 is a premier music collection organizer Music Label enables you to catalog your entire music collection MP3s, CDs, vinyl's, MDs etc Since Music Label uses CDDB2 and ID3 technology, there is no need for typing Music Label is built on a solid client/server database for optimal reliability and speed

Here are some key features of Music

Catalog your entire music collection
Download all data for CDs and MP3s from CDDB2 no need for typing
Search and sort your collection in any way you want
Choose from several reports to print or design your own
Export your data to XML, HTML, Excel or textfile
View statistics of your entire music collection
Supports MP3 ID3, OGG Vorbis, APE and WMA tags
Manage multiple collections
Keep track of loans and send email reminders
Functionality for your collection insurance
Create Playlists
Powerful yet easy-to-use report designer
Customize your views and tree views
List items you want to buy in the future
Available in several different languages
Client/Server database engine for optimal reliability and speed
Catalog your home-made compilation CDs using CD-Text
Rename your MP3 files using the data in the database


Pentium processor or higher
32 MB of memory 128 MB recommended
20 MB of available hard-disk space required
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


14 days trial

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