BeInSync 3.1.64

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BeInSync 3.1.64يقوم برنامج BeInSync بتنظيم ملفاتك ورسائل البريد الإلكتروني بين أجهزة الكمبيوتر المختلفة مع التأكيد على إتاحة البيانات حتى يمكن الإطلاع عليها في أي وقت وأي مكان. ويساعدك هذا البرنامج على مشاركة أي ملف من أي حجم مع زملائك وأسرتك وأصدقائك. ويتضمن الإصدار 3.1.64 على بعض التحديثات أو التحسينات أو الإصلاحا

Automatically and securely keeps your files in sync between multiple computers

BeInSync gives you a simple, all-in-one solution for sharing, accessing and protecting your data

Using secure private network technology, BeInSync lets you automatically sync documents, photos, videos, and music across your computers, share files too large for e-mail with colleagues, friends or family, access your files form anywhere, and backup your valuable files and memories to secure online storage 1GB free online storage for backup is included!

How does it work?
Simply install BeInSync on each of the computers you would like to synchronize and specify what you'd like to synchronize - your desktop, your My Documents folder, emails, contacts, favorites and more

From now on, whenever you create, modify or delete any of these items, these changes will automatically be reflected on your other PCs as well This way, you can keep on working from anywhere without ever again having to be concerned about the whereabouts of your data

You may also use BeInSync s secure Web access to access your remote files or view
contents of shared folders instantly from any computer or location, without first installing BeInSync on this computer

Finally, BeInSync extends data synchronization to allow you to securely share any amount of data with colleagues, partners, customers and friends Simply invite one or more people to a shared folder

An email message will be sent with a link to that shared folder which resides on your own computer The invitees will be able to view it from any Web browser instantly and securely, or they may install BeInSync as well and keep the shared files in sync automatically on their computer

This way you can work simultaneously on this shared folder with the same ease as working on your local files

Here are some key features of BeInSync

Keep documents, photos, videos and music in sync across all home, office and notebook computers
Transfer large amounts of files and data efficiently and securely
Have data always available anywhere, automatically
Enjoy a new and improved user experience

Share files, photos and videos instantly, with no need to upload files
Easily browse through all shared documents and photos from the Web
Transfer any size, any type of file
Work with others on the same folder and keep it in sync

Access files on remote computers from the Web
Use one centralized Web portal for all computers, files and shared folders
Easily browse through documents and photos
Download or upload files

Protect and backup valuable data to secure online storage
Get the industry's best and most reliable storage from Amazoncom
Use Hot Backup to automatically keep information backed up all the time
Define customized backup schedules
Backup of all user's computers under one account
Restore files from BeInSync's application or from the Web


Intel Pentium III 600 MHz or higher
256MB of memory and above


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