PlainSight Desktop Calendar

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PlainSight Desktop Calendarبرنامج PlainSight Desktop Calendar هو برنامج تقويم جذاب يمكن أن تضعه في سطح المكتب ليقوم بإظهار التاريخ الحالي. ويمكن أن يحصل هذا البرنامج على المعلومات من تطبيق أوتلوك وعرضها على سطح المكتب. ويمكن الاستفادة من البيانات بشكل مباشر. ويمكن أن يتلقى البرنامج تقديرات الأحوال الجوية والطقس من السرفر. ويتميز البرنامج بواجهته الجذابة وبتعدد أشكاله ويحتوي على أنواع مختلفة من الخطوط

PlainSight Desktop Calendar
PlainSight Desktop Calendar - desktop calendar supports weather forecasts, tasks and appointments of outlook

Do you often look for wallpaper calendar here and there? Or make it yourself by some professional image tools with hard work? Now PlainSight Desktop Calendar makes things easy

It offers great looking calendar which can be full integrated with your favorite wallpaper You
can define its position, font, color, size, transparency just by a few clicks For getting best user experience, it uses anti-aliased font

PlainSight Desktop Calendar is not only a great looking calendar but also a useful tool It can get data from Outlook and display them on the desktop It supports recurrence pattern for appointments and can display different status of tasks Double click the appointment window or task window will auto open the data with Outlook You can create, edit, delete and change data status easily

Weather forecast is another useful feature It can get 7-day weather forecasts from National Weather Service More than 8000 cities in US are covered When you move mouse to calendar, all the information of a day weather, appointment, holiday, etc shows in plain sight

What's New in This Release

added new skin
fixed some minus bugs

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