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TypingMaster QuickPhraseيعد برنامج QuickPhrase أداة نافعة ومفيدة تعمل بنظام تشغيل الويندوز. ويمكن من خلالها إضافة العبارة التي تفضلها أو العنوان المفضل أو عبارة تحية أو توقيعك على أي برنامج بالويندوز في وقت بسيط. ويمكن إضافة العبارات بشكل بسيط من خلال مفاتيح الاختصارات بلوحة المفاتيح أو من خلال قائمة العبارات في شريط المهام.

TypingMaster QuickPhrase
QuickPhrase adds your favorite phrases to any application in a snap

TYPINGMASTER'S QUICKPHRASE is a free typing utility with which you can add your favorite phrases-addresses, greetings, signatures, and so on to any Windows program in a snap.

Phrases can be added easily with keyboard shortcuts or with the phrase menu located in the taskbar.

TypingMaster QuickPhrase it allows you to store your favourite phrases , addresses, signatures and greetings to any Windows program.

QuickPhrase supports unlimited amount of user defined phrases, each of which can be up to 16
kilobytes long. Each phrase can have a separate hotkey, and also a common phrase menu hotkey can be used.

You can easily add new phrases by copying any text to clipboard and then just choosing the Add Phrase command from the phrase menu on the taskbar tray. Also advanced Date/Time macros are supported.

Here are some key features of TypingMaster QuickPhrase

Add frequently used text snippets to any application with just a click of the mouse
Easily manage even a large number of phrases and folders
Define hotkeys and autotext abbreviates for phrases of your choice
Macro support for advanced users including date, mouse and application macros


Web browser to read this documentation
Less than 1MB hard disk space for the program


The unregistered version allows a maximum of 20 phrases


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